6 Keys To Deck Railings – Finishing Your Deck With Style And Strength

Many people elect to use one of the exotic (outdoor hardy) hardwoods like IPE (i.e. Brazilian Walnut,
Pronounced e-pay). These species hold up great outdoors but are really hard to cut, drill, rout etc. You
may need to upgrade to professional grade tools to get through this job.

— Metal:

Metal posts come in a wide array of styles to match your Cable Railing Systems architectural style. Metal posts, due to
there high strength, have the least visual mass of the post types are usually the choice where the view is
of primary importance. Metal posts can be purchased directly from manufacturers over the web or you can hire a custom fabricator to build the railing on site (most expensive option). One concern with site built metal railings is that it is difficult to properly finish a railing outside of a controlled factory
environment. Prefab posts are often powder coated and sometimes galvanized and powder coated (for ocean front locations). Metal post systems are usually designed to easily be installed by a contractor or handy DIY type.

— Concrete:

Concrete can be used as an end post where there is a column or wall that is made of it. Usually the
intermediate posts are made of another material, metal or wood. Do not attempt to mount to stucco over wood as the cables will pull it right off. Understanding the construction of the post is essential.

Cables and Fittings:

Cables and fittings come in a enormous array or types and styles. Seek some advise from one of the
cable/fitting suppliers you can easily find on the web. For ease of installation, look for quick lock
fittings (swage less fittings) otherwise you will be crimping on site which adds a lot of work and
requires special tools. Some companies supply both the posts and the cable/fittings in kit form which
takes the guess work out of process.


Installation is fairly simple if your handy. A typical deck rail can be installed by a couple of people in
a weekend. When your done, you can sit back enjoy your beautiful view.

Dan White is a principal at Keuka Studios, inc. Keuka Studios, inc. Is an architectural iron company located in the Finger Lakes Region of New York.

There are two main types of railing systems that you can buy: cable and glass. While the systems are popular, many people don’t know their differences. The cool thing is that I’m here to shed light on the topic. Here is how the two compare:

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