Best way to make origami swan

When I left Japan and returned home I decided to look in to making the origami-swan, I have now mastered it and along with the fish that I make, I get the most compliments on the swan. When it comes to origami swan, it is an art that is delicate, beautiful, and invokes the mind to think of gardens and pleasant things, the origami-swan plays right in to this and I think that this is why the swan creates such a beautiful feeling for everyone, it is fairly simple to make and it is very popular, a lot of people really like them. The beauty of origami swan will always be cherished.
Here are some of the designs that you can learn from a video origami tutorial.

1. The Water Bomb
Believe it or not, you can actually fill the water bomb with water. What can you use your bombs for? There are three things that they will come handy for. First, you can use them for decorations. Second, you can fill them up with water for friendly (or maybe not so friendly) water fights. Finally, you can blow them up just like you would a little balloon!

2. The Lily
So, you want to make something beautiful and elegant out of your paper? Make a lily. It’s easy to fold and can be used for decorations or to spice up your table setting.

3. The Napkin Swan
The next time you’re entertaining guests or are at a dinner party with friends, try this trick: get a regular napkin and fold it into a beautiful swan. Your friends will surely ooh and aah over your creativity!

4. The Masu Box
Do you have little knick knacks lying around in your drawer? Put them in a little masu box! Fold beautifully patterned paper a certain way and you’ll have a nifty little box you can keep your little treasures in!

5. The Napkin Ring
So here’s a clever idea for the next time you have friends over for dinner. Instead of wrapping the cutlery in a napkin, why not make a ring for enclosing the cutlery? It’s cute and unique, and will add sophistication to your table setting!

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