Single Serve Coffee Maker – Shopping Tips For a New Coffee Maker

Capresso machine is supported by user-friendly LCD display for programmable timer. With 24-hour programmable timer, you can plan to serve coffee at anytime you want. This machine will automatically make your morning beverage at the time you’ve set. So, no more morning rush for preparing you daily drink since it will be ready on best espresso machine 2019. You can even choose the grain quality and the quantity of cups you need.

Grinding your own beans will ensure you to extract aroma of coffee thoroughly. If you worry that it will cost you more by buying separate grinding machine, you should really consider buying Capresso machine because it is complete with a built-in grinder. It’s also equipped with charcoal water filter that will clean harmful particles in your coffee that can affect your health. Another interesting feature is the thermal carafe that will keep your beverage hot even hours after brewing.

This machine also comes in sleek and elegant design that will fit to your modern lifestyle. With black and silver color, this machine will look beautiful to any kitchen interior design. But Capresso coffee maker is more than just a skin deep, because it is easy to be maintained and cleaned too. With this great performance you have to consider for putting this machine on the top of your wish list.

Nowadays, drinking coffee has already been a lifestyle for majority of people. Due to this fact you can find many cafes that open early at the morning to indulge caffeine lover’s morning routine. Since this lifestyle can cost you too much, you should find another alternative that can give you benefits on the long run. One of the options is by buying your own coffee makers for your home.

These machines are classified by different methods of brewing process. The most common types available in the market are:

– Filter or drip brew machine
This is the most conventional and the simplest method of brewing coffee. Some companies apply this method are for instance Mellita or Chemex. The basic principle of this machine is using paper filter to separate the ground from the coffee. All you have to do is put paper filter on the top of you mug or carafe, add ground on the filter, then pour hot water with temperature about 200 F.

– French press machine
Although similar to the previous machine, this machine applied one-step advance method. By using French press machine, the ground is pressed into the bottom of the carafe during brewing process.

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